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Wozu benutzt man Mentalsysteme?

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Why do people use Mind Machines?

We all share one common aim: the desire for a body/mind in harmony,

capable of a wide range of thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and types of

awareness. Throughout recorded history countless methods for achieving

this aim have appeared with varying degrees of success. The advent of

powerful personal computers and cybernetic theory now gives anyone who

desires it, the power to self-regulate and have greater degrees of

control and freedom. Neurotechnology has come of age. Tools and

techniques ranging from biofeedback and pulsed lights, to cranial

electrical stimulation and lucid dream devices will assume an increasingly

important role in the ways that we manage our health, education,

entertainment, spirituality, and more.

- Every thought, feeling, sensation, and level of awareness has a

corresponding brain wave pattern. If you want to control your experience,

learn to control your brain waves. Until now, that meant lots of hard

work practicing some form of mind control with little guarantee of

success. Happily, the way to squeeze more performance, joy, and

connectedness out of your grey matter (almost effortlessly) has evolved in

the last ten years. Mind Machines at very affordable prices provide many

ways to unlock remarkable abilities for learning, healing, creating, and


- By stimulating balanced, abundant neurotransmitter production, expanding

neural pathways, and programming desirable, ecologically sound behaviors,

mind machines can enhance physical healing and homeostasis, intellectual

performance (creativity/IQ/attentional flexibility), and greatly improved

sense of well-being long after the session.

- The state of deep rest possible with L/S technology can rejuvenate the

body/mind and have a lasting effect on the way the user handles stress,

promoting a flow state as opposed to a flight or fight response.

- With the relief of tension/stress/resistance in the body/mind, the user

becomes receptive to information from "inside" and "outside" essential to

fundamental change. Spoken words during certain L/S session will embed in

deep layers of the user's consciousness to change thoughts, feelings and

behavior automatically.

- These tools have uses in the fields of education, healing, athletic and

artistic performance, business, and expanded awareness, to name a few. In

the near future, brain wave entrainment will play a role in almost every

field of human endeavor. Its power has just started to emerge.

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