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in Basel, Heidelberg und Amsterdam (November 97)


Neurofeedback und Megabrain

Dear friend,

Since so many of us have been exploring the realm of neurotechnology for years, it's interesting to note that the field is now sweeping into the mainstream. For example, in his new best-selling book, physicist Freeman Dyson of the Princeton Institute of Advanced Study declares that we've now moved beyond the Information Age and are entering "The Neurotechnology Age."

Knowing of your interest in this field--tools and techniques for exploring and enhancing human consciousness and mind-body powers, and producing exceptional, peak performance or transcendent states--I want to extend this invitation to join me for a unique experiential workshop.

In this intensive weekend session you will not only gain in-depth experience in using a variety of neurotechnology devices, you will learn how to design optimal sessions for yourself or clients for gaining and mastering specific peak performance mind-body states or attaining specific goals, and much more.

Wochenend-workshops mit den prominentesten Vertretern dieser Fachgebiete.

Erleben Sie im ausgehenden "Jahrzehnt des Gehirns", welche Möglichkeiten Sie haben, Ihr eigenes Gehirn positiv zu beeinflussen. Der Vorstellung dieser Technologien im Seminar geht in den USA eine mehr als 20-jährige Entwicklung voraus.

Die workshops sind absolute "highlights" in Europa, sie werden geleitet von:

Michael Hutchison

und seiner Partnerin MerriAnn Messenger

(Michael Hutchison ist Autor der Weltseller "Megabrain" und "Megabrain Power")

Wir von der Fa. info-brain sind auf Wunsch der Amerikaner Veranstalter und Moderatoren der Seminare. Dr. Uwe Gerlach ist der erfahrenste europäische Experte für Megabrain und Neurofeedback. Er war auch Sprecher zu den Themen in Palm Springs bei L. A., der brain/mind Weltkonferenz im Februar dieses Jahres. Wir managen und moderieren Michael Hutchison in Europa.


We will use a number of state-of-the-art EEG (electroencephalograph) or "neurofeedback" systems that permit users to observe and, through audio and visual biofeedback, quickly learn to alter brainwave frequencies and patterns to enter exceptional brain states. Among the types of brainwave training we will be discussing and experiencing are:

BETA AND SMR TRAINING: Setting multiple thresholds (simultaneously suppressing high beta and slow brain wave activity while increasing mid beta or SMR). Protocols for treatment of attention deficit disorder, PMS, epilepsy, cognitive deficits and many more. Also: training for cognitive enhancement, energy boosting and peak performance.

ALPHA-THETA TRAINING: which has proven to have unprecedented and revolutionary benefits in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and phobias. This type of training includes known meditation-techniques: Zen, Vipassana and others. We use NLP-techniques such as rescripting, releasing, suggestion and more. Very important: applications for peak performance.

BRAINWAVE SYNCHRONY TRAINING: synchrony as essential component of mastery of attention and exceptional brain flexibility; synchrony and attention training; findings of link between synchrony and deep transcendent meditative states.

Among the EEG neurofeedback systems we will explore will be the EEG Spectrum clinical system, the Brain Tracer, the WaveRider, the Thought Technology, the Lexicor NRS-2D and more.


Discussion and demonstration of devices for producing rapid changes in brainwave frequencies and patterns through entrainment:

LIGHT/SOUND SYSTEMS. Demonstration of how these devices work. Summary of research, and discussion of clinical successes in treating ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, brain damage, stroke, PMS etc.

LIGHT/COLOR STIMULATION. Demonstration of the Photron, a color/frequency therapy tool for increasing the electrical energy flowing into and within the brain by using variable frequency photic stimulation in selected wavelength bands. Exploration of how this visual stimulation produces such wide ranging and longlasting effects on body-mind metabolism, mood, state and performance. Discussion of clinical successes in treatment of ADD, ADHD, phobias, anxiety, depression and others.

PSYCHOACOUSTIC STIMULATION. Demonstration of the Binaural Signal Generator and other sound-generation systems, to explore how sounds can alter brainwaves and induce optimal performance states. Analysis and demonstration of various psychoacoustic techniques, including binaural beats, harmonic superimposition of binaural beats, click tracks, high frequency stimulation, subliminal stimulation. Discussion of how participants can create effective psychoacoustic programs for clients.

MICROCURRENT STIMULATION. Demonstration of state-of-the-art nonlinear microcurrent stimulators. Discussion of evidence that such stimulation is effective in boosting brainwave dimensionality, cognitive functioning, learning, and memory, as well as treating drug and alcohol addiction, head injuries, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more.


We will discuss how these devices may be used for specific clinical and personal applications, including:


Discussion of specific applications of these tools for:

Bio - Kurz-Biographie von M. Hutchison:

Michael Hutchison is an award-winning writer (including the James Michener Award) whose books exploring the interplay between technology and human consciousness, science and evolution, have been described by The New Yorker as "out on the cutting edge." His writing has appeared in many magazines. He is the publisher and editor of Megabrain Report: The Journal of Optimal Performance. His books include Megabrain praised by scientists, by medical doctors and psychiatrists, by psychologists ("Megabrain is the most important book of the 1980s" wrote Dr. Robert Anton Wilson), and by educators.

Hutchison's other books include The Book of Floating (praised by neuroscientist Dr. John Lilly as "superb," and by writer Marilyn Ferguson as "A comprehensive, practical guide to a powerful technology of change").

His most recent (1994) book, Mega Brain Power, an in-depth guide to mind-enhancement tools, provides the "software" and detailed applications programs for the most effective use of mind machines for specific personal and theraeutic applications, including increasing intelligence and memory, reducing stress, changing habits, behavior and attitudes, and producing peak performance.

Hutchison's workshops have drawn rave reviews from numerous attendees. According to Robert Anton Wilson, "Michael Hutchison may be the greatest science popularizer alive!" Dick Teresi and Judith Hooper, authors of The Three Pound Universe call Hutchison "The Timothy Leary of Neurotechnology."

Says Lynn Schroeder, author of SuperLearning and SuperMemory, "Make the most of your most valuable possession--your brain. The possibilities are enormous." Michael Hutchison is "the high-tech guru of the mind-machine revolution."

Ablauf der workshops: Sie waren so strukturiert, daß alternierend Theorie und Erfahrungs-Sitzungen miteinander abwechseln.


1) Basel, Abendvortrag, Gaia Media Stiftung (Dieter Hagenbach), 4.11.97

2) Heidelberg, Queens Hotel, 7.11. - 9.11.97

3) Amsterdam, Galaxy Hotel, 14.11. - 16.11.97

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