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What Does Entrainment Feel Like?

With any mind machine, if you selected a session with a target

frequency in the low alpha or theta range, you should feel a change in

awareness within a few minutes. Many people report a floating feeling.

Your attention may start to wander as your thoughts become less linear and

logical. You may find yourself in a lucid dream complete with sights,

sounds and feelings. Some people, auditory types, often hear words in the

pulsed sounds. This indicates theta activity and heightened creativity.

Because your sense of time changes during the session, it may seem as if

you have slept. If you felt tired before starting, you may fall asleep

during the session or when it ends. Usually, you will feel a definite

difference between your state before the session and how you feel during

the session. This state should linger for a while after the session ends.

Most programs start out in the beta frequency range (13-40 Hz.) to match

and pace our waking state rhythm and gradually slow (ramp) to the target

range. The initial phase may seem so exciting with the vivid colors and

kalleidoscopic patterns you see in your "mind's eye" that you may doubt

that you will slow down and let go of the mind chatter and tension. This

fast, almost psychedelic phase passes quickly as the pulsing slows. Most

users find that within a session or two, they easily and automatically

follow the changing frequencies and patterns into the desired state.

Some users may not find the first sessions very entraining. This happens

when you remain analytical, excited at the novelty of the experience, or

resistant to letting go. Highly controlled individuals often lose

awareness and feel as if they have gone to sleep, rather than shifting

with awareness to the non-linear, dreamy state. Letting go of control

(neither trying to help nor prevent the experience) stimulates the

production of alpha and theta rhythms. In the beginning, most users will

benefit from simply "going with the flow" even if that includes losing

awareness through most of the session. These rhythms affect the body/mind

profoundly with lasting effects even without the user's conscious

participation. Even though, at times, you may notice little apparent

entrainment (frequency following response), you may still experience a

shift in mood, attitude or focus. Many users will notice immediate,

spontaneous changes in their attitudes and behavior. Others may need to

have regular sessions for a number of weeks before the desired results

appear. Once the balancing and stress-reducing effects of mind machines

become engrained, the devices remain useful for power naps, creativity

boosting, and accelerated learning.

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